What is the process?

Let’s talk!

The best way for us to create a successful website is to have open communication between the client and the designer. We need to understand what types of products or services you offer, who is your target market and why your customers should keep coming back.

We start with an email or phone call.

Follow up Meeting- Then a follow up phone meeting  or in person meeting is scheduled to discuss many aspects of your web project. This meeting usually lasts at least 1 hour.  Our focus will be on the marketing aspect of your website, questions about your products or services, your current company marketing materials, current advertising, visual style & colours, features, functionality and needs.

Quote- based on our meeting we will put together a written, itemized quotation and upon acceptance we will sign a commencement of work agreement and a deposit.

Research- We do keyword research and search volume research in order to produce proper meta tags and display content that supports Search Engine Optimization. We also look at your competitors and see what they are doing so we can make informed recommendations.

Design- The design process starts by mocking up an example of the website home page. This will represent the style, choosen colours, logo and intended graphics.  If we  have been communicating effectively,  the mockup should be pretty close to what you had in mind.

Feedback- We make changes and discuss what changes you would like and implement them.

Content- Along the way we may make recommendations about the content or written text to enhance the marketing aspect of the website. Remember, we want you to get found on the search engines and engage the website visitor. Ultimately we need to generate measurable results.

Implementation- We create all the pages on the website, the navigation menu, add all the content you have given us and create any custom graphics that would enhance the design or flow of the site. Finally, we hand-submit your web site URL to 20 top Search Engines to ensure that you'll get listed and associated with your primary keyword phrases.

Review-You review the site and we make changes to make it perfect

Integrity, Personalized Service, Reasonable Rates – these are the central pillars behind which GraphicNet stands. Call My Cell: 519-312-1611