Social Media has evolved into a powerful, effective communication and marketing channel. You can use social media to direct traffic into your business web site. Often, your prospects turn to Social Media to get trusted information about products, services and local companies. With their interactive capabilities, social media sites are a great supplement to your existing web site.


• A Facebook Business Page is a Must Have
• Enlist your Employees to help post content and to respond to visitors

Package Includes:
• Set Up Account and Facebook Page
• Include up to 4 photos
• $25.00 Gift Card Promotion
• Links to: Web Site, Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube


• Twitter is a real-time network which allows you to post short, informative, newsworthy updates
• You can follow others in your industry to keep up on trends, news and events

Package Includes:
• Set Up Account and Post Tweet - Start W. Gift Card Promo
• Links to: Web Site, Facebook, Linked-In and YouTube


• The professional network with over 100 Million users
• Find new employees, new customers and get industry-specific advice

Package Includes:
• Set Up Account and Post your Company Data
• Links back to web site, Twitter and Facebook
• Include Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube Links


• 100 Million Unique Visitors Monthly, with a built - in Search Engine
• On-Line Video is a great format to hi-lite product features, showroom and staff, and to introduce new product
• Video is great content for sharing via other Social Media channels

Package Includes:
• Set Up Account and create / post one video, 30 - 60 Seconds in length
• Links to: Web Site, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In

Price: $ 369.00


• Social Media is dynamic and must be kept fresh by constantly updating and posting new content. Further, it will be necessary, to edit or remove undesireable or profane visitor comments.

Package Includes:
• Make Weekly News Posts to your Facebook - Twitter - Linked - In Pages
• Edit / remove unacceptable comments
• Include Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube Links
• Produce Two Videos of 30 - 60 Second Duration - in Month 6 and 12

Price: $29.95 / MONTH

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