Some projects are very basic and simple while others are more varied and detailed.

There is a single,  common starting point for every new design.

Determine the objectives for the project, determine what type and amount of content you wish to present. Also decide if you want to use the web to play a key role in your overall marketing plan. The answers to these questions help determine the best solution for your unique set of requirements.

You should consider including the following in your web site:

1) Your Logo, Address, Telephone Numbers, E-mail, Location Map/Driving Directions

2) Up To TWO Photos per page are included.

3) Include a Page for Descriptive Text covering each important Service or Product Line you offer.

4) Mobile Site - Content tailored to the unique needs of mobile device users. CMS Sites Are  
                          Responsive - meaning that a separate Mobile Site is not needed.

5) Social Media - are you using it to reach your intended audience?

6) Mailing List System - collect client e-mails, stay top of mind with periodic mailings - News, Special Offers, Events

7) Other Features - Calendars, Surveys & Polls, Help Desk, Forums, Portals Etc.

Once we have determined the scope and requirements for your project, we will prepare an itemized cost quote and building plan. At this point we can follow the plan to take photos, and to gather copy for each page. Upon your approval and receipt of deposit, work can begin.

Most projects are completed within a month. It's never been easier to get onto the Web - you don't even need a computer.  It's almost as simple as placing an ad in your local newspaper!

When you need to change some of the information on your Web Site, or if you need to add more information, we can do this for you as well, at a reasonable cost.  Those who choose the Content Management System, can still rely on us to maintain their sites, or they caneasily do copy and photo updates in-house.

Integrity, Personalized Service, Reasonable Rates – these are the central pillars behind which GraphicNet stands. Call My Cell: 519-312-1611