What Is An SSL Certificate?

With the evolution of the internet, the creativity of cybercriminals has kept pace with our ability to make a web site safe and secure. For several years, Google has encouraged website owners to use the Secure HTTPS protocol to ensure the data sent from your computer to the site you’re browsing is encrypted and securely transmitted.

In July, 2018, safety measures became even more rigorous. With the release of Chrome 68, Google will mark all sites that haven’t adopted HTTPS as not secure. All others will continue to be displayed with green https letters in the URL, which means they are secured by an SSL certificate.

What Are The Benefits of An SSL Certificate?

Having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate ensures that your website visitors’ sensitive data will be transferred over a secure network. Despite this important component of SSL, many end-users and organizations have delayed their adoption due to the price of the certificates and the complexity of implementation.

Today, getting an SSL certificate is much easier and it’s become a necessity if you want to build any trust with your web site visitors.


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